Sally Ryan Graver Light Spectrum Spider Web

The Colour Of the Light Spectrum in a Spider's Web

The Colour of the Light - A Rainbow of Colours captured in a  Spider's Web -  Art Installation  #ColourOfLightArt #spiderwebspectrum

The colours of the light spectrum  in a Spider's web.
The  colours are made visible when light waves  pass through the threads of a spider's web. The vibrations of the web,  cause the light waves entering the web to split, scatter and refract,  creating a beautiful rainbow of colours.

 Captured through macro photography & video,   a hidden world of beauty, colour, shapes and patterns is revealed.    Also captured, with a microscopic video, is the fate of a tiny fly,  trapped and caught, trying desperately to escape, its deadly sticky threads. 


The installation also includes an audio  conversation, with Padraig Dunne, Head of Physics UCD,  on the light spectrum .   He found the work both fascinating,  beautiful and  packed with complicated light physics.  

Medium Photography / Video/ Audio Installation  


Prisms split the light from projectors and scatter the colours around around the space, giving  the viewer a visual sensory experience of walking into the colours of light. 

Exhibited in Steambox School Street, Dublin 8   NCAD Graduate BA Media Exhibition 2016. 

The Installation can be adapted to a site specific space.

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