Sally Ryan Graver

Black Box Theatre Strand Players

This “blackbox” theatre symbolically represents Strand Players, an innovative amateur theatre group operating out of basements in Dublin (1962 – 1995).  Amateur Drama   trace their  roots back to ancient Greece. 

 In 2013,  I got the opportunity to  photograph the Strand’s Players archival material which contained  a wealth of information on the amateur drama scene over a period of 30 years.   This included photos, newspapers reviews and scrapbooks cuttings of their many performances and achievements.  

The idea of creatiing  a Cardbox Box theatre came from childhood memories of seeing  cardbox theatres in a children's Encyclopedia book we had at home.  So here I was with a cast of players ready for my Cardboard  Blackbox Theatre  installation.   Included in the work is a programme written by Eilish Kelly, a former Artistic Director with The Strand Players,  which gives  an overview of the history of the Strand Players.   The Greek connection was referenced with a Greek Mask make with plaster of paris strips.   

The Theatre made its first appearance  an end of year  NCAD Group Media show, in John's Lane School in 2013.

 The installation made two other appearances in the  Teacher's Club Theatre in Parnell Square in memory of former players Joe Kelly and Anne Varley .