Sally Ryan Graver

Going Back

Going Back

Going Back was a continuation of a work Then and Now  made in 2013, on a return journey to my homeplace,  Cambridge House, a listed Georgian Town house on Montpellier Hill, Dublin, steeped in history and memories.

In 2016 the house in a derelict state, was put up for sale, so I took the opportunity  to once again Go Back to  visit  my old home. 


The video Going Back was a response to this emotive journey, the old house crumbling and dying evoked memories of loss, sadness and death, while at the same time, forever holding in its bricks and mortar, stories of those who lived there.  

This is the theme of this short video. The work merges  family photos with those taken of the house during this visit, blending  time and memory.    The narration is from a piece I wrote on the death of my mother . The final few lines reminding us of the brevity of life.  

The work uses archival material and the family photo album.  

Exhibited in Solstice, Navan in April 2017