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Tipping Point

Climate Change

Tipping Point. -  Climate Change/ Global Warming Installation 2018

Global Warming and climate change are at a Tipping Point of no return.  

The snowflakes, from an extreme weather event in Ireland in 2018, melt over the artic landscape while the sound of the train, like a ticking clock, a warning   that time is running out for the Artic and the rest of the planet.   The two views merge together as we are all connected and impacted by global warming and climate change. 
 CO2 produced by human activities is the largest contributor to global warming.

The train journey is one I make to the Artic Circle in 2017,  passing through one of the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen. Around every corner there were spectacular scenery to behold that took my breath away. Sadly it is now a changing landscape with rising temperatures, heating up at a faster rate than any other place on the earth.  The Artic has lost  40% of its sea ice over the last 30 years.  Artic white snow and ice  reflect heat back into space,  as the  ice melts  less heat is reflected into space,  leading to intense heatwaves and more extreme weather events  worldwide.

 The Installation
Earth, represented by a large transparent circle,  suspended and moving while  casting dark shadows across the train journey as it cuts its way to the Artic Circle.   While watching the train journey, listening to the ticking clock   and  melting snowflakes, the viewer is asked to contemplate the  consequences we are all facing from  the climate change and ecological crisis and Tipping Points of no return.  

Medium: Video installation projections in a dark space using projector,  suspended circle and audio.
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Installation View

 Wasted in the Arctic Installation  - Plastic Waste Pollution 
Every year 14 million tons of plastic ends up in the ocean.  Much of this waste is from our everyday plastic waste, carried along by the ocean currents it ends up in the Arctic. 

The artwork uses the everyday throw-aways plastic containers, filled with water and frozen to make small ice sculptures.  

Ice Sculptures

The small ice sculptures,  sit on plastic box containers , melting drip by drip.  The sculptures  creates beautiful ice crystal ,  inviting the viewer to be drawn in by their beauty. At the same time, it asks the viewer to reflect on  their own everyday practices and the choices we make,  that contribute to the 14 million tons of plastic waste dumped each year into the sea, and the devastation this is doing to our oceans, marine life and climate change.

 Catch Of The  Day 1 and 2

 The installation shows two hanging ice sculpture pieces ,  dangling  from fishing lines,  hooked with plastic bait, frozen in ice, melting drip by drip, bate for the unsuspecting fish, causing their death, injury  and possible extinction. 


Medium Melting Ice/Plastic Sculpture, displayed on plastic boxes . Each day  they are replaced with new pieces, stored in a freezer. 

Material - Plastic and  Ice 

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Catch of The Day